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Enchanted City
Troy, NY
Steampunk Faire

7:00pm 7:00pm

A Bewitching Ball Gala Event

The Enchanted City comes to life Friday evening with a signature Gala event! Ladies in finery, men in top hats, marionettes, music, signature cocktails with open bar, parisian pastries, butlered hors d'oeuvres, curiosities and more awaits you as we kick off the festival with an evening of 'gothic enchantment'!  Queen Mab, Dr. Catastroph, and Grymm Studios with creator Dr. Grymm will be in attendance along with our guest of honor, Mr. Jeff Mach creator of the Steampunk World's Faire. Our favorite musical artist, Mecho from 'Ex Human' fame, will be returning this year by popular demand to expertly DJ the evening. This event in being held in the Tech Valley Center of Gravity Ball Room, located in the historic Quackenbush Building at 33 3rd Street in the heart of downtown Troy NY. (50% of profits raised will be donated to the not for profit TVCoG to assist in paying for programing that will be made available to low income children). 


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The Enchanted City Main Event

Our Main Event begins at 11:00 in the Troy Riverfront Park with the Chamberlain Inventor's Challenge Parade to be lead by the famous Bread and Puppets out of Glover Vermont!

   Our Enchanted City festival grounds are transformed for a day into a Victorian hub of vendors, crafts, food, fantasy, games and performances of the highest quality and skill!  Audience participation will be demanded!  Please come prepared to play...

Chamberlain’s Inventors’ Challenge - Race's against Time, Space, and Gravity!  

The Enchanted City invites inventors, makers and mad geniuses to create a “mad mechanical conveyance” to transport Queen Mab, the symbol of The Enchanted City steampunk festival. Entries in the Chamberlain Inventors’ Challenge 2017 must be able to carry the queen safely a distance of two city blocks. How it does that is up to you — it can be carried like a litter, pulled like a rickshaw or cart, or powered by battery “solar, aeolipile, or robotic.” You can see some videos of last year’s entries in this story from Channel 10/Fox 23.

Entries will be on display throughout the Faire and take part in a parade during the event. There is a prize, presented by Sequence Development, for the winner of the Chamberlain Inventors’ Challenge, which will be selected on the day of the Faire by a team of judges.

2015's winner was the “Long Beam Human Conveyance Chaos Mobile,” a human hamster wheel, built by a team from Adirondack Studios in Argyle, NY.

2016's winner was Sir John Corey's "Steampunk Walker" out of Troy New York.

To enter, email through our contact page and we will get back to you ASAP!




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6:30pm 6:30pm

Steampunk Pirates Rock the Hudson with Jears, Gears, and Grog!

On Saturday evening after the main event, The Enchanted City after party looks to be one of extreme naughtiness when our concert goers will sail away with Dread Pirate Fredrick and his less then gentlemanly crew aboard the Dutchess of Empires!  Victims will be treated to a light buffet dinner while they sail the Hudson, and copious drinks will be offered by the ships cash bar.

We are pleased to announce that  Shayfer James has accepted our invite to headline our evening event!  Mr. James is an indie artist from New York, NY.  He is known for his dark, danceable anthems, harrowing ballads, and experiments in chaos. 

The ship will dock in the festival ground at the Troy Waterfront Park. Boarding with begin at 6:30 and expect to sail at 7:00.  We will return to port by 10:00 at the latest!  We demand audience participation or you walk the plank! Arrrgh Matey! 


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