Now in our fifth year, 'The Inventor's Challenge' is the signature event of The Enchanted City.  Inventors come from far and wide to participate in this competitive spectacle in hopes of winning it's purse and to be crowned the 'Master Mad Genius' of the year.  

The challenge is for inventors to make a piece of mobile machinery that must be able to safely carry a person the distance of a quarter mile. This creation can be: carried like a litter; pulled like a rickshaw or cart; peddled; powered by battery; solar; aeolipile; or robotic. It can be built by an individual, team or club. The machines will be inspected by a professional engineer, and judged by a team of credentialed officials at the event. All  transport creations deemed to be worthy of competition will be automatically entered into the “Queen’s Tourney of Mad Machinery” to take place at the event. The tourney will feature a variety of races that will pit each vehicle in battles with time, space and gravity. “The MAD Machine for the Masses” or people’s choice award and other titles will be determined and awarded prizes.  If you are interested in entering The Inventor's Challenge, please hit the button below.


Neighborhood Community Conveyance Challenge! (with goals and rewards).  Each of Troy's city council members have been asked to organize a group of representatives from their home district to come up with a conveyance that best represents their district along with a cheer, dance, or creative display of community spirit. These groups will march in the 'Parade of Inventor's' and will be rewarded for their efforts with a neighborhood grant.  If you would like to sign up as a volunteer in your district or receive more information, please hit the community challenge button below and fill out the contact info!


 Local Business Challenges (with goals and rewards).  This years local business challenge is ‘The Fairy Doors of Troy’. Each local business within the festival grounds will be asked to create a fairy door with their business being the inspiration. Festival goers will be asked to visit these shops to view the doors and vote for their favorite.  A 'People's Choice' would be awarded.  Along with a prize – winners can be guaranteed inclusion in a 1,000-print run “Special Edition” 5-Year Anniversary poster for the Enchanted City.  The BID (Business Improvement District) will be our partner in execution.  Please contact the BID at for more info.